Vinyl Girl

The Findells



Ethyl said to Poly

Let’s go out tonight

I’m getting tired of Atom

He doesn’t do me right

Gordo said I need to mix it up

If I want to be sated

I don’t wanna be just another hormone

I want to be saturated


Hello Olive,  I’ve been trying to call

There’s a baryonyx in the closet with a big rubber ball

And he won’t stop banging his head on the wall

he wants to nibble on a politician


Hello Olive,  This is no joke

I just cracked a shoe that didn’t have any yolk

I put my foot in an egg and I heard something croak

Then the frog turned into a chicken


Ain’t no digit can make her move

Gotta put the needle in the groove

Put on your red dress

And do it right

Find a DJ, gonna dance tonight  STOP


She’s a vinyl girl


Hello Olive. Did you get my note?

I corked in a bottle and I set it afloat

Would have called you on the conch shell

But I had a sore throat

Sounded like a mountain goat


I thought heard something under my bed

Tried to be brave, put a pillow on my head

Called for the doctor and the operator said

Something that I dare not quote


My my can an antelope fly?

If you stand on your head, does the floor become the sky?

Does it have to be over your head to be high?  My My.


My My can a cantaloupe cry?

Can a rich man fit through a needle’s eye?

Do you have to go to heaven when you die?  My My


She’s a vinyl girl

She’s a vinyl girl

(Put your red dress on)

(Put your lipstick on)