The Findells



I don’t care about super heroes

Men in capes and teflon suits

I don’t know much about ones and zeroes

Or staring at a screen with a gun that shoots


Sometimes I think about Wanda

The way she looks away when she talks to me

The way she tucks her hair behind her ears

And holds her face to the wind


Would you like to come over

We could watch a movie we’ve already seen

The one about the alien invasion

Maybe take a bounce on the trampoline


I wasn’t good at school

It never like me much

But when I could I sat behind Wanda

And when we traded papers

Our hands would touch


Now I drive by her house

I’ll see her in a store and we talk a bit

She had a boyfriend but he’s been away

She seems lonely and out of it


Wanda would you like to come over

Talk about places we’ve never been

We could listen to Elvis

Maybe take a bounce on the trampoline


I don’t know how to act

I don’t know what to feel

I can’t eat, I can’t sleep

I can’t think...nothing is real (nothing to get hung about)

I just wonder how it could be

If Wanda would just think about me

Wanda, do you think about me?


Wanda sits in the car with the windows down

Examines her nails, the polish is cracked

Checks the mirror, the bags beneath her eyes

She never leaves but her suitcase is packed


Wanda looks up at the pale gray sky

Thinks about the black hole in the sun

drinks her morning coffee and smokes a fag

Waves to the neighbor kid and takes another drag