The Wild Blue Yonder

The Findells

The WILD BLUE YONDER  w Sarah Pharis


Time...    you eater of lions

Time...     you dealer of diamonds

And there's no time  (for waiting )

And there’s no time   (for wanting)

And it's low

It's broken and it's bleeding


Fear...   is a moment in darkness

God...    is a flip of a coin

And there's a man with a gun and a boat

There's a shift and a reckoning

Then I'll go, where you go, when you're going


What’s wrong with you he said

She shook her head

And she sat like Buddha on the edge of the bed

It’s not about you

There’s nothing you can do


In the wild blue yonder

I’ll stake my claim

In the wild blue yonder

I’ll put my faith

In the wild blue yonder

And I’ll see you there

In the wild blue yonder


Away, away. J'adore.

C'est mon coeur, c'est mon Coeur   (It is my heart)

Les lions, ils n'attend pas  (The lions, they did not expect this)

So I’ll take what I’ve got

So I go, where you go,  when you're going