The Findells

The Girl on the Bridge

The Findells
by the Findells, including "Beloved" by John √Čluard


I was on the Charles Bridge in Prague in the wee hours of the morning, when I happened upon this couple, just below the Saint John statue doing things that can be done in shadows.

Features the wonderful violin of Anna Hennessy.  The coda is a poem by surrealist, John Éluard. 


Nusch by Dora Marr
Nusch by Dora Marr


(El Salvador)

I think I’ll drink this one down and get out of here

Something about this place just doesn’t seem right

All the millionaires sit in plastic chairs

And they wait for all the Christian girls to pass

And the boys with the broken windshields

Go home alone.


(Santa Fe)

I don’t look in the mirror anymore

And I don’t walk by the shop reflecting windows

And I don’t want to know where all the horses go

When the cowboys cannot ride them anymore.

And when the cowgirls take their Levi's off

I don't want to be left standing lost and lonely.

Cause I’m with you

Baby I’m with you

Oh honey, I’m with you

Like a swallow.



The girl on the bridge looks into my eyes

Over the shoulder of the man between her thighs

Another moment to last me ‘til I’m dead

Saint John stares across the river

He never told them what the Queen said.


(Nusch, by Paul Éluard)

She is standing on my eyelids

And her hair is in my hair

She has the shape of my hands

She has the color of my eyes

She is swallowed by my shadow

Like a stone against the sky.

Her eyes are always open

And she doesn’t let me sleep

Her dreams in broad daylight

Make the sun evaporate

Makes me laugh, cry, and laugh.

Makes me laugh, cry, and laugh.

And speak when I have nothing to say.


She owns my eyes.