The Findells


The Findells


In memory of Lenore Kandel, beat poet and activist.  Anna Hennessy on violin.


Lenore Kandel



They’re selling lies again Lenore

Your words are bouncing off the windows and the doors

And the floors

They don’t know what to do

They’re afraid of you

And anything new

They think that you might shed your crazy light upon us all

And the angels fall

They do not know there is no end to love


They’re coming after you Lenore

We’re not welcome in Paradise anymore

They’ve slammed the door

There is no place to hide

From the rising tide

Of the sanctified

They take love out of our hearts and put it in the sky

Where the angels cry

They do not know there is no end to love

No end to love


Lenore, they dare not hold a candle to your name

Lenore, you would dance naked in the flame

So open up the curtains and throw away the shame

You are beautiful, beautiful one hundred times

Beautiful, beautiful one hundred times


Lenore, my heart is beating fast Lenore