The Findells


The Findells




She wants to go out

She wants to be free

Swim in the moonlight

Dance in the sea

She wants to make love

At a quarter to three


A dress on the wall

Diaphanous blue

Hung on a wire

An apparition of you

The neighbors believe

All the stories are true


A door is a door is a door, Isadora

A door is a door.


Remember the wine

The clink of the glass

The clouds in the sky

Lying back in the grass

He said that you had

A wonderful laugh


You knew in your heart

Love was just passing through

So young, extravagant,

So beautiful and true

There’s only one thing

A lover can do.


A bell is bell is a bell, Isabella

A bell is a bell.


There’s a crack in the window

A tear in the screen

A struggling swallow

Trapped in between

Lured by the promise

A reflection can bring.