The Findells

Forest Ranger

The Findells


A drunken chorus of friends in the Finhut.   Peter Aaslestad, Nelly Kate Anderson, Clarence Brooks, Eileen Brooks, Steven Paul Coogan, Rebecca Delgado, Valerie Gangwer, Bobby Garcia, Paul Klink, Nathan Scott Moore, Hunter Moyé, Lauren Moyé, Peggy Moyé, Ken Pawlik, Zuzu Petras, Sarah Elizabeth Pharis, Scarlett Rose Risken, Mary Yuhasz




Maybe live in the woods with a bear

Never worry ‘bout washing or combing my hair

My only friends would be the trees

Don’t have to worry ‘bout sex or VD

I won’t have no one there to tell me what to do

So I won’t know what to do

I wanna be a forest ranger


Don’t have to get up in the morning

Go to work or wash the dishes

Clean the toilet, flush the toilet

Take a bath or shave my face

Don’t have to pay no bills or taxes

Or send money to my mom,

Ride the buses through the city

Or worry about clean socks


I wanna be a forest ranger


Maybe baby, my dream seems simple to you

But you don’t seem to understand what I’m going through

My days are my nights, my nights are my days

Take me back home to where the antelope play

And sing me a song of how it was then

Before the closets were open and men were just men

A silicon song of artificial limbs

No one even knew when a sin was a sin


I wanna be a forest ranger

A forest ranger is so cool

I wanna be a forest ranger

A forest ranger ain’t no fool.