The Findells


The Findells





Standing in the picture window

In the middle of the day

Everything is upside down

All the blues have gone grey


You should’ve loved her better than that

You could’ve lover her better


You were the life of the party

Everybody knows

All those wonderful moments

With and without your clothes


Walking home after midnight

Just a little bit high

Getting naked in the weeping mulberry bush

With the people walking by


Sometimes you don’t even notice

When the words turn to stones

Glances turn into daggers

Flesh turns to bone


Full moon over the Value-mart

As you argued in the parking lot

About the dress that she was wearing

And those fuck-me shoes


Another poison arrow

So many hidden scars

Too many nights you should’ve seen in her eyes

That you took it too far


And now the closet is empty

You hear the car door slam

You’re sitting at your kitchen table

With your head in your hands