The Findells

Amanda Lynne

The Findells




I was lying awake

Thinking about the way you wear your hair

Your tilted smile, your fingertips

The way you touch me there.

Walk to your window

Wait for the sun

When the light comes on

You are not the only one

Amanda….Amanda Lynne


You seem so distant

Leaning on windows walking through walls

The secret places in your life

Wedged in corners

Etched with care between the lines.

And I wanna know

I wanna know

Where did the money go?

Amanda…Amanda Lynne.


There’s a million dollar bill inside my pocket

And I will give it to you

If you’ll love me

If you’ll love me


Handshoes and horse grenades

Sun blades and razor shades

Wheel chairs and frog parades

I am not a train


Ceiling shades and lamp stains

Dog shots and blood bains

Bird brows and eye brains

I am not afraid.


If you’ll love me.

If you’ll love me.

If you’ll love me.