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The Findells: News

NEXT SHOW- CHILI ON THE HILL - SAT. OCT. 23RD - October 5, 2010

This has been a great show for the last 2 years and we expect another good turnout this year. Your donation get you food, drinks, and dancing in one of the most beautiful spots in Staunton. You would spend more than this for cover charge and drinks anywhere else. Plus, you're giving to a great cause to keep arts alive in the area. Please come out. THIS WILL BE FUN.

RIP DAVE AYSCUE - October 5, 2010

REST IN PEACE to "CRAZY" DAVE AYSCUE, the BOOKPOTATO. Dave was an irreplaceable friend, an enigmatic intellectual and an influential, creative mentor to writers and musicians. The Findells thank him for many things, including the song DANDELIONS/PARKING METERS, his uncommon point of view, and for hosting an unforgettable weekend in Greenville, NC. He will forever be with us, in the songs we sing, in the chords we play, in countless tapes that help us remember ourselves.

RECORDING AGAIN - September 9, 2010

Thanks so much for those who came out for STAUNTON JAMS last weekend. It was a beautiful day full of great music. Every performance was top notch and the audience gave the music additional life.
The BIG NEWS ahead is that Fall promises to be full of action. We've just begun work on our next record at the FINHUT and we're very excited about getting these songs on tape, some that have been around for a while, some brand new and a few that are not quite finished. We'll be taking our time, doing some different kind of work this time. No deadlines. No ticking clocks.
There are a couple of VIDEOS in the works as well. We'll keep you up on all this as we go.

Then there's CHILI ON THE HILL for Staunton Augusta Fine Arts Center on SAT. OCT. 23rd. We'll let you know more about that soon.
And we'll return to our beloved BAJA BEAN for the traditional THANKSGIVING EVE DANCE in November.

Take care.


We’ll be joining some great musicians and acts to close out the hottest summer we can remember. The line-up for SATURDAY, SEPT 4TH : THE PONY TWINS (noon), VALERIE McQUEEN (1pm), NATHAN MOORE (2pm), BRYAN ELIJAH SMITH & THE WILD HEARTS (3pm), the JUDY CHOPS (4pm),
FUNK 45 (5pm), WILLIAM LOTT & THE HUMANS (6:30), the FINDELLS (8pm)

LONG TIME NO SEE'UMS - August 22, 2010

Summer is winding down and it’s time to get this website updated a bit. Sorry for the absence. We’ve been everywhere. (El Salvador, Dominica, Mexico, Outer Banks NC, and PHISHING). Now it’s back to the music. We’ll be updating this site WEEKLY from now on. New pictures are on the way.
We’ve also begun recording the NEW RECORD. We’ll be working on it this Fall, taking our time to get it right. No idea when it might be done yet. We’ll keep you up on that. Some videos are in the works as well.

Staunton Jams - May 16, 2010

Come enjoy the semi-annual celebration of local music from noon to 10pm on Beverley Street, Saturday, May 22. Shop, eat and enjoy a full day of activities downtown!

Staunton Music Guild will be providing an “Interactive Jam Stage” for kids and adults with access to instruments and spontaneous performances from noon to 6pm at the Statler Memorial on Johnson Street. Come join the music-making! WNRN, Spiritheart Flute and Drum Circle and the Queen City Alphorn players will be on hand throughout the day. Watch the SDDA facebook page for more information and special announcements!!

Here’s the lineup:
Preshow: Shenandoah Valley Pipe Band
noon Steal this Band
1:00 Nationwide Countryfried
2:00 Lil’ Fillies
3:00 JD & the Shenandoahs
5:00 Brian Patrick Band
6:30 William Lott & the humans
8:00 the Findells


Wednesday night, Jan 20th, The Findells and Big Boots and special musical guests will rock 'n' roll at the Baja Bean. All proceeds will go to Doctors Without Walls for their efforts in Haiti. Please come out and give a $10 donation, have some fun, dance the night away.
The Baja Bean is also donating proceeds from the entire day towards the effort. So come eat at the BEAN. The restaurant side is now smoke free.
Show starts at 9pm.

NEW YEAR'S EVE at THE BEAN - December 28, 2009

We're ready to usher in a new decade with our traditional ROCKING NEW YEAR'S EVE SHOW at the BAJA BEAN in Staunton. Let's rock away the Naughties. We'll get started around 9:30pm and go until you want to stop. Snuggies optional.


The sold-out show schedule for Mockingbird on December 19th was cancelled due to a storm that left Staunton under 30 inches of snow. We've rescheduled for SATURDAY, FEB. 20TH. Anyone with tickets should hold onto them and use them at that time. Sorry for any inconvenience. We were hoping to play. We'll see you with a bigger and better show on that date. If you can't make it on that date and have tickets already, please contact us as we know others who may want them.
Happy Christmas.


We're EXTREMELY excited to announce a date for our a SPECIAL MUSIC EVENT at a SPECIAL NEW MUSIC VENUE in Staunton.
THE FINDELLS will celebrate with an ACOUSTIC CONCERT highlighting 30 years of original tunes.

We will be joined on stage by some very special guests. We'll follow up on this announcement with new information very soon.
Please mark your calendars now for SATURDAY, DEC 17TH.
Visit THE MOCKINGBIRD ARTISAN FARE & ROOTS MUSIC site at and check it out.

FACEBOOK PAGE - November 17, 2009

For those of you who use Facebook and those who would like a new way to keep up with THE FINDELLS and RELAX WITH BOLT SWIFTPACE, don't hesitate to visit our facebook location at and become a friend.

Back in the Saddle - November 17, 2009

We're finally back to updating this site. Thanks for hanging in there.
We've had some good gigs since the last news, but we're going to move forward now and promise to keep up.

FINS play for JAN OLSSON - May 19, 2009

THE FINDELLS would like to announce a DON'T MISS EVENT.
Our great friend and artist, JAN OLSSON is in town from Paris and she's showing her stuff.
The reception is FRIDAY, MAY 22nd from 5pm-8pm.
We'll be playing in the Baja Bean afterwards (without Sera this time)
For you Jan fans and Fin fans, we'll have t-shirts featuring the artists' work. Please check out her site at

The Exhibition runs May 22 – July 7 2009 - BSSS Gallery – 22 Beverley Street – Staunton, Virginia

Take Your Dress Off, Irene - February 16, 2009

A new video by Hunter Moye starring Jennifer Kidd and Lys Petersson

New President, New Video (unrelated) - January 20, 2009

Brand New video for eleven:eleven from our latest CD, LOST IN PARADISE.
Directed by Hunter Moye. Camera assistance by Zan Gilles. Coming soon: Take Your Dress off, Irene

NEW VIDEOS COMING - January 15, 2009

Jennifer Kidd from "Take Your Dress off, Irene"
Lys Petersson as Irene

We've used some down time to shoot a couple of new videos. They're in post production now, but expect them soon. Visual presentations of TAKE YOUR DRESS OFF, IRENE and ELEVEN:ELEVEN.
Hunter shot these with big help from Zan Gilles.
IRENE features great performances by Jennifer Kidd and Lys Petersson. More on the way.

SHORT FILM - THE BELL RINGER - December 27, 2008

from "The Bell Ringer"

The Fins have contributed to a few films lately, including two documentaries. The latest is a short narrative film by our own Blood From a Turnip Productions, " THE BELL RINGER." Some of those images ended up in our HELEN OF TROY video (below). This 5-minute short is currently entered in the Film Racing Grand Prix Grand Prix 100 hour filmmaking competition.
Please visit to check it out.

BRAND NEW VIDEO- "Helen of Troy" - December 13, 2008

We've been working on new stuff for the upcoming shows. Along with that, we're excited to present our newest music video to accompany Helen of Troy. This was shot almost entirely in the FinHut with some footage thrown in from a new short film produced by Allan, his son Hunter, and some good friends. We'll post that when we're able.
Hunter shot the video and Bolt Swiftpace edited for Blood From A Turnip productions. Please let us know what you think at (our official response site). Give it a rating on YouTube while you're there.

Return from TAXI - November 11, 2008

"Radiators Are Bleeding" LP waiting in the box of TAXI CEO, Michael Laskow

We're back in Virginia with eyes wide open to the music industry. On Saturday we sat through a great session of A&R panelists listening to music chosen randomly from the anxious members. They would listen a bit and then give their opinions. The music was basically straight- up trying to please and not what Paul and I would choose to listen to, but some of it was very well crafted and entertaining. Paul & I so much wanted a Fin tune to interrupt the proceedings but, alas, we never were rewarded. I think the difference in hearing one of our songs (although it probably would not have been treated so kindly by the panel) would have been a welcome diversion for the roomful of musicians.
If there's anything we've learned, it is that the people who make the decisions rarely take chances. Can't blame them really. They become "experts" by knowing what sells. And, who knows, maybe they really do like the ordinary.
I know this is always subjective, but only a couple of things I heard at the convention really made me want to hear it outside of that hotel. Maybe that's what TAXI screeners say to themselves every day.
Another thing that seemed strange to me was the fact that, even though there were over a thousand musicians within finger-snapping range, there was no entertainment in the hotel for the guests. Yes, you could sit in on the listening panels and the open mic sessions. But, c'mon...put a combo in the lounge and let's dance.
The styles could have changed every half hour.
But, I understand. (Please don't think that I don't understand.) It's about the contract. It's about success. It's not about independent sound. Of course, these "experts" probably wish the market would change more than it does so they could be more adventurous in their picks, but I can't imagine a world of having to deconstruct every song instead of feeling them.
Anyway, we met some great people and came away with some valuable insight into the industry.
But...after all the slick recordings were shared, we really just found ourselves on a plane wanting to come back home and play some real rock 'n' roll. Fill the room with noise. Dance. Spin me round. I don't want to touch the ground.
Give us a while to reflect. Absorb.
...more TAXI and LA pics in photo section

Taxi road rally - November 7, 2008

The music industry is in the toilet right now according to the music executives. Lamont Dozier, one of the great pop songwriter of the Motown generation, agrees. He says this can be a good thing. "Opportunity is knocking." He means we're waiting for something new to come along and that today's songwriters have a chance to sell the world that sound.
The irony is that the music executives don't seem to want to listen to anything that sounds different. So, how can it happen?
Everything I heard last night and today at the Taxi A&R convention sounded like it was based on all the tried and true money-making formulas. It was old and tired.
People who create new music are encouraged to reshape their sound to fit the mold.
Maybe we'll get someone to listen to the Findells while we're here and maybe we won't. But, so far at least, we understand that we're aliens in this homogenous music scene. I'm not going to intentionally write a song for them. I'm here to see if they want to listen to something else. Taxi, proposing to want to introduce new music to the world, is actually (unintentionally perhaps) slowing down the process by catering to the same old thing.
Sure, music is subjective. And everyone is not going to like everything. But, to disavow a sound merely because it sidesteps formula is ludicrous. As Paul and I left for lunch, an "expert" was listening to material from a randomly chosen songwriter in order to tell that songwriter how to make her song better- or really how to make it sound like other songs. He thinks formula is what we're after.
I wonder what they would think of Lou Reed or Iggy Pop or Nick Cave. If someone played their music here, the suits would probably snicker. Aren't the Ramones being played during the 7th inning stretch in Yankee Stadium?
What the Findells are after is feeling. And we're here to see if they'd like to experience our point of view. Instead, they think it is better if we all have the same point of view.
Maybe later today or tomorrow we'll find someone who agrees with a similar philosophy.
Oh, the Open mic was very much like it is anywhere- mostly excruciating.
But, there are some good people here and the spirits are high and we're learning something about the industry. We can't afford the food at the convention so we head to Dennys. Ain't much good to eat near the airport. And, of course, the muzac piped into Denny's is exactly what the execs at TAxi is looking for.
No more soap box. I'll wait my turn. Put CDs in shiny happy hands. Smile and tell them we sound like...

Hasta luego.
Paul schmoozes in the bar

Fins in Los Angeles - November 6, 2008

Paul on Hollywood & Vine (note sticker)

From the Travellodge- LAX
After a night of celebrating elections and hanging in the Bean too long- hugs and beers and shouts- I picked up Paul 20 minutes after I fell asleep and we drifted through a metaphysical night on highway 64 (most of which I will probably never recall although I do remember having to take an immediate exit not far from the Richmond airport to pee in the grass near an inconvenience store), all to make it to a plane by 5 am.
Plane travel was good. Couldn't sleep much even though I needed it. Watched a movie. Headphones kept crapping out. Hello to Julianna from Brazil who invited us to play in Rio and swears she will listen to Lost in Paradise and put a Fin sticker on her car. Atlanta was quick and easy.
Paul looked through his monocular at the US passing beneath. We could see mostly Red states in mourning. But, it was good to see the landscapes change with no border lines.
Hit Santa Monica immediately so Paul could put his feet in the Specific Ocean for the first time. Then went to Hollywood to see the cement.
Not too much more yet- but Fin stickers are scattered throughout the west. Now, off to rub shoulders, elbows, crotches, whatever...with the executives.
Seems it's taking a long time to upload photos, but I'll do my best. Patience is not my strongest virtue. Still looking for what is.
Missing Virginia.
Happy birthday to Lauren. Love you babe.
Here's a couple of pics...
On the Santa Monica pier
Paul hits the Pacific

Halloween - November 1, 2008

Halloween was a cool. As usual, Sarah Lynch (happy birthday) and the crew at the Bean hosted a grand party. Great costumes, loud music, energetic dancing and electrodes being released all around.
I'm a little ashamed, but if anybody got pictures of me send them in- then destroy.

Playing Bolt at the Bean - October 27, 2008

Had a good time last night filling the Bean with noise. Some of the songs were somewhat impromptu- not unusual for Bolt and the crew. Besides our originals, we did a relatively unrehearsed version of AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENT's "Sometimes around Midnight." My voice turned to gravel.
Good to see some familiar faces and some new as well and a few from past days. And...I had a pretty good view of the World Series from stage. Thanks to those who dug into their pockets and helped us with a buck or two.
We're looking forward to being back in the Bean with electric guitars on Halloween this Friday. Electric noise.
Paul & I are heading to Los Angeles the day after the elections to turn more people on to the Fins. We have a date with some A&R people.
So if you know anybody out there who we can hang out with, let us know. Especially if they have a car.
I'll try to keep you posted as to how this goes.
Rock 'n Roar.

Journal begins - October 17, 2008

Okay. Here goes. A journal of sorts. I’ll try to keep up a bit.
The Fins have had a busy couple of months- promoting LOST IN PARADISE at public gigs and private parties. All fun and all good. Lately ,we enjoyed being part of the Staunton/Augusta Art Center benefit. Lots of people rocking in a beautiful location. Chili and beer. Sexy dancing beneath a killer moon. Can’t beat that.

Bolt’s going to play again this month at the Bar in the Bean. There’s a nice comfy feeling there – clattering bottles, spewing beer taps and a soundtrack of voices around the bar – people sharing their lives. If there’s any spot that characterizes a night in Staunton better than the Bean’s Sunday night shows, I don’t know what it is. Yeah, it’s smoky and it can be crowded, but it’s human.

And then comes HALLOWEEN. Just before elections. I hope there are no political costumes. Tired of that. Would rather escape the madness. Someone suggested to me that one network was less biased than another. Yeah, sure. What is it that makes them think we want constant sensory bombardment? How many truths and lies can we absorb before there is no difference? Shut up a little. Let’s get existential. Come as a bug. And…happy birthday Maryanne.

It’s hard to get good reviews. We’d love for you to tell us what you think of LOST IN PARADISE or any of our music. Write us at for now.

The Findells are trying to send our music to new people in new places. Paul and I are going to Los Angeles in early November in order to expose ourselves. We’re going to talk to A&R people. People who have sticky fingers on the pulse of the popular music world. If you’d like us to tell them anything, let us know.

later gators.

LOST IN PARADISE release - August 12, 2008

Thanks to all who participated in our CD release party. It was great to hear our songs done by the likes of William Lott, Toby Thomas, Lola Mullen, Peter Aaslestad, and Steal This Band. You guys did a great job.

And thanks to everyone for hanging in on a late night and dancing in the sultry heat.
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