The Findells

The Fins will be rocking in the new year once again at the Baja Bean in downtown Staunton. More details to come.

Lola MUllen


You may have seen and heard Lola on our stage already, but we'd like to make it OFFICIAL.  Lola is a great singer/songwriter in her own right and performs with other local acts (Pony Twins, Funk 49), but she has now earned her FINS and will be joining us in future shows, contributing her fabulous voice and stage presence and giving us some more depth on keyboards.  Welcome Lola.     

Jams flyerWe're honored to once again be a part of the wonderful music line-up for the upcoming Staunton Jams on Saturday, September 3rd.  Come out and celebrate all the wonderful things about downtown Staunton- shopping, dining, art, and fun- with FREE MUSIC all day on a Beverley Street stage.   Fins start at 8pm.

We'd love for you to take a look at the video Hunter and I worked on to send to the contest for making the official video for The National's new unreleased song, EXILE VILIFY.  We're big fans of the National and we're very proud of this entry.  

PLEASE go to the link at

Let us know what you think, and if you feel so inclined, we love it if you left a comment on the youtube site.  (We'll put it on our links page as well.)

Filmmakers on this project were Hunter Moyé, Craig Snodgrass, and myself.  We had help from many friends including, Lauren Moyé, Trey Childs (apartment), Sera Petras (art studio) Sarah Lynch (Baja location), David Young, Carl Brooks (tuba).  



Happy summer to you all.  Lot's of things going on.  New tunes coming along.  Our friend,Greg Baker visited the studio last week to join us on a cut or two.  

We're going to make some music on the upstairs Patio at the Pompei Lounge above Emelio's restaurant in downtown Staunton on Saturday night.  Come out and listen beneath the waning moon- there may be a cat's eye sliver left. 

Long days.  

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