The Findells

Okay. Here goes. A journal of sorts. I’ll try to keep up a bit. The Fins have had a busy couple of months- promoting LOST IN PARADISE at public gigs and private parties. All fun and all good. Lately ,we enjoyed being part of the Staunton/Augusta Art Center benefit. Lots of people rocking in a beautiful location. Chili and beer. Sexy dancing beneath a killer moon. Can’t beat that. Bolt’s going to play again this month at the Bar in the Bean. There’s a nice comfy feeling there – clattering bottles, spewing beer taps and a soundtrack of voices around the bar – people sharing their lives. If there’s any spot that characterizes a night in Staunton better than the Bean’s Sunday night shows, I don’t know what it is. Yeah, it’s smoky and it can be crowded, but it’s human. And then comes HALLOWEEN. Just before elections. I hope there are no political costumes. Tired of that. Would rather escape the madness. Someone suggested to me that one network was less biased than another. Yeah, sure. What is it that makes them think we want constant sensory bombardment? How many truths and lies can we absorb before there is no difference? Shut up a little. Let’s get existential. Come as a bug. And…happy birthday Maryanne. It’s hard to get good reviews. We’d love for you to tell us what you think of LOST IN PARADISE or any of our music. Write us at for now. The Findells are trying to send our music to new people in new places. Paul and I are going to Los Angeles in early November in order to expose ourselves. We’re going to talk to A&R people. People who have sticky fingers on the pulse of the popular music world. If you’d like us to tell them anything, let us know. later gators. Allan