The Findells

Paul on Hollywood & Vine (note sticker) From the Travellodge- LAX After a night of celebrating elections and hanging in the Bean too long- hugs and beers and shouts- I picked up Paul 20 minutes after I fell asleep and we drifted through a metaphysical night on highway 64 (most of which I will probably never recall although I do remember having to take an immediate exit not far from the Richmond airport to pee in the grass near an inconvenience store), all to make it to a plane by 5 am. Plane travel was good. Couldn't sleep much even though I needed it. Watched a movie. Headphones kept crapping out. Hello to Julianna from Brazil who invited us to play in Rio and swears she will listen to Lost in Paradise and put a Fin sticker on her car. Atlanta was quick and easy. Paul looked through his monocular at the US passing beneath. We could see mostly Red states in mourning. But, it was good to see the landscapes change with no border lines. Hit Santa Monica immediately so Paul could put his feet in the Specific Ocean for the first time. Then went to Hollywood to see the cement. Not too much more yet- but Fin stickers are scattered throughout the west. Now, off to rub shoulders, elbows, crotches, whatever...with the executives. Seems it's taking a long time to upload photos, but I'll do my best. Patience is not my strongest virtue. Still looking for what is. Missing Virginia. Happy birthday to Lauren. Love you babe. Here's a couple of pics... On the Santa Monica pier Paul hits the Pacific