The Findells

Lost In Paradise

by The Findells

Released 2008
Blood from a Turnip
Released 2008
Blood from a Turnip
"Visceral, engaging, seductive and danceable - songs of exquisite power that infect the bloodstream like a new drug."
The fourth recording by the Findells is honest, passionate, and moving - full of infectious, dance-inspiring rhythms laced with intelligent lyrics evoking the various emotional landscapes of life.

These songs are deceptively simple. They rock with the ease of the Ramones (“Die on the Dance Floor”), dig beneath the skin like Nick Cave (“Helen of Troy”), and sometimes tip a hat to early Bowie (“Another Femme Fatale”), while avoiding the pitfalls of pretension. “Take Your Dress off, Irene” could easily become a rocking anthem to the sexually disenfranchised.

Lost in Pardise covers a wide musical range- from the soaring live version of Eleni Mandell’s “Pauline” (the only cover) to the brave but tender love ballad “Love like a River” – yet never seems compromising or derivative.

Good rock ‘n’ roll from a new place. It should be the record that finally brings widespread attention to this deserving band.

Take a listen. Spread the word.