The Findells


by The Findells

Released 2005
Blood From a Turnip
Released 2005
Blood From a Turnip
Passionate, honest, rock 'n' roll that may inspire you to strip naked and dance with your vacuum cleaner.
The Fins have been playing to packed houses in Virginia for years, and lately the word's getting around and the dance floors need expanding. The energy is infectious, the lyrics intelligent and thoughtful, and the music is passionately seductive. These guys (and one girl) know rock 'n' roll and they offer it honestly, defying rock star pretensions and absolute categorization. It moves. And it moves you.

"Finland" is their third major recording, following "Naked & Blue," dubbed by Musician magazine as a "unique and outstanding performance." Along with nine original songs, the Fins throw in a revved up rendition of the 60's classic country tune, "Flowers on the Wall," originally recorded by the Statler Bros., who incidentally share the same hometown. Don't expect to listen to it sitting down.

Lend "Finland" an ear- both ears. Then listen to it again. We think you'll have to have it. Crank it up. Dance with your clothes off.

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