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The Findells: Music/Videos

Private Investigator

(The Findells)
First time I touched you I think it was the 4th of July
We stood together in the park looking at fireworks in the sky
It rained and your shirt got wet
I let you borrow one of mine
Now whenever I put on a shirt
I think of you from time to time

She ran away with the private investigator
what could I say?
I saw my girl with the private investigator
yesterday. But that’s okay.

Remember the day we spent it all down by the lake
And you tried to get into that drive-in movie
but your ID card was a fake
And all that summer I promised to take you to the
Empire State
But the bus was early- we were always too late.

Oh oh, I miss you like a train
I miss the clothes you wear
And when I wake up in the middle of the night
I miss you lying there
Late at night when the curtains blow
I drive another nail with the lights down low
I love the smell of those negative ions
when the world is moving slow.