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The Findells: Music/Videos

Another Femme Fatale

(The Findells)

Did you see her?
Did she hold my heart in her hands?
Did she sashay through the room like Lauren Bacall
Changing the heart of every mortal man?

Did you buy her a drink?
Did you think that you could penetrate her shell?
A brown fag floating in the sea of her lips
like a ladle in a wishing well.

Did you take her home?
Oh no…no, never take her home.
You’ll be lost forever in a web of intrigue
and you’ll have to take the rap alone.

Don’t you know she just another femme fatale
Here she comes again- another femme fatale
She’ll leave you breathless- another femme fatale
She’ll lure you into her bed
and in the morning you could wake up dead. Oh yeah.

Did you pull her close?
Dodging glances and making time
Talking clever innuendo in the
shadows of the Venetian blinds

Did you see in her eyes
All the pain caused by those other men?
A life full of sorrow and near misses
That led her to a life of sin

Did she call my name
Just by mistake, in passionate refrain?
Were you planning a life together
As you stared at the ceiling stain?

There she goes again – another femme fatale
So very wise – another femme fatale
A contradiction – another femme fatale
Black and white and shades of grey
Turn the channel but she won’t go away – Oh no.

Did she blow you a kiss
through the window of a taxi or from the back of a train?
A siren growing closer and no time at all
to cover up the curtain stain.