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The Findells: Music/Videos

In Tennessee

(The Findells)
Falling Water River’s where they took the plunge
They were jumping off the bridge- the boys were just having some fun
The others stood and waited as the water filled his lungs
They didn’t know
He hit a rock below
He would never show.

Oh… in Tennessee
Oh… in Tennessee
It didn’t happen to you
It didn’t happen to me
It happened in Tennessee

There’s a wooden cross near the highway where Marcie died
Out by Highway 40, eastbound side
It was on Easter weekend, they were just taking a ride
It came out of nowhere
Somebody crossed the line
There’s no place to hide

You can search your Bible for the perfect verse
You can shake your fist and you can shout a curse
Send a token sigh to the universe
You can choose your God
Get down on your knees
Fold your hands
Pray for an answer please
But wherever God was that day
I think it’s safe to say
It wasn’t in Tennessee

He was a preacher and she was his wife
Everybody who knew them said they were very nice
But something snapped inside and she took his life
Shotgun in the back
Go tell the kids to pack
There’s no turning back