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The Findells: Music/Videos

Naked With You

(The Findells)
Sometimes I wish that I could
throw my inhibitions out the door
And travel with my instincts,
no matter what the repercussions are.
Sometimes I wish that I could
Look you in the eyes and tell the truth
And other times I think to myself
What good would it do?

I wanna be (I wanna be)
Naked with you

Sometimes the truth is hard to find
Sometimes it seems to bite you in the ass
And when it sneaks up from behind
Sometimes you gotta let it pass.
When I was young,
My mama sat me down, she said to me
Lies and deceptions get you by
But the truth will set you free.

I wanna be (I wanna be)
Naked with you

When I woke up I was lying on the floor
Looked at my watch,
It was eleven eleven
I realized that we weren’t lovers anymore
Went back to sleep ‘til a quarter to seven.

I wanna be (I wanna be)Naked with you

I want to dance the way the Africans dance
I want to run the way the animals run
I want to sing with the voice of a child
I wanna love you with your clothes on.