Lost In Paradise

The Findells

Take Your Dress Off, Irene

The Findells
the Findells



The girl behind the counter is so pretty And the look you share is nothing new Just for a moment what they think you do not care You’re walking on air You’re walking on air You don’t hear what your mother says And the world is somewhere far away Alone in your room you close your eyes Put your hands where you want her hands to be Take your dress off, Irene You always knew it was not the same How could everyone around you be so cruel? At the table you play the same charade And your mother knows Yes your mother knows Still she asks about the boys at school And your brother rolls his eyes Your daddy reads the news And you shrug like a little girl Take your dress off, Irene You tell yourself you’ll move to the city This small town is no place to be But as you walk past the café you know it’s true She touched you She touched you Take your dress off, Irene