Lost In Paradise

The Findells

Helen of Troy

The Findells


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it’s been 37 days so I guess I’m counting frustration builds, tension mounting But I understand Please don’t think that I don’t understand I know in my heart that it takes two and it’s better for me when it’s better for you you are the light at the end of my hall you are the windows in all my walls you are all the places that I’ve never been and baby, you will be my guillotine- I’m on fire I’m on fire for you I was nothing before you came along I’ll be even less if you go I’ve made some mistakes I know I’ve done some wrong But I’m convinced that the world is round and the moon just doesn’t disappear into the ground but there are things that can’t be explained like the labor of this night, the smell of the rain and the curtain stain…the curtain stain- I’m on fire I woke last night in a terrible state my heart was pumping at a fantastic rate I looked down at your feet, they were covered in snakes I was prepared to do whatever it takes but I was paralyzed, I couldn’t think straight I reached for my sword, but it was too late there was light in the window from the approaching dawn and you were hatched from the egg of a swan- I’m on fire I’m on fire for you There’s nothing I wouldn’t do I’d raise my sword for you I’ll fight off every army I’ll fight off every army