The Findells

The Findells - Better

Here's the video for Better from swallowsongs.  Shot by Hunter Moyé, directed and edited by Allan Moyé.  Featuring 34 wonderful and beautiful ladies in our lives. 

Helen of Troy video

Helen of Troy video by Hunter Moyé.

I Need My Girl (cover) The Findells

The Findells fronted by Sera Petras cover the song I NEED MY GIRL, written by The National. Performed and recorded Live in the Finhut in Staunton, Va. on a Wednesday night in February. Video shot by Hunter Moyé. Edited by Bolt Swiftpace. The Fins are Allan Moyé, Andy Easley, Paul Cline, Carl Brooks, Sera Petras, Pablo Olivieri, and cardboard Lola.
Thanks to The National for the great song.

obliquemoye youtube

Video featuring THE GIRL ON THE BRIDGE from the upcoming record, Swallowsongs.


Video by Hunter Moyé.

youtube Portal2 National Exile

The video game company, Valve (maker of Portal 2) is sponsoring a contest to make the official video for a new song (EXLIE VILIFY) by THE NATIONAL, one of our favorite bands.  Filmmakers Hunter Moyé and Craig Snodgrass teamed with Allan to make a rather surrealistic view of the Portal idea from the video.  We're really excited about how it turned out.  

This features actors Chad Bradford, J.P. Scheidler, Will Lott, Mary Beth Harris Morgan, Jennifer Kidd, Sarah Pharis,  Megan Heatwole, Doreen Bechtol & Olive, Jeroen Kinley, and Petal the dog walking backwards.
Lot's of help from friends behind the scenes.

We wanted to keep everything original.  Shot on Canon 7D in a marathon shoot over 2 days. Animation didn't seem to fit so we opted for a little René Magritte instead. We'd love to hear some feedback from you after you've watched the video. 

take your dress off, Irene

Here's the youtube site for the video.

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Original four Findells at reunion show performing LIGHTNING.  

I Don't love you Anymore

Live at the Mockingbird.

Oh Mona, Oh Mona

You tube video site.  First ever performance of OH MONA, OH MONA.  Live at Mockingbird, Staunton, VA.

Miss you like a train

Fan video from live performance at the Mockingbird.

Romancing the Toad

Short film by Allan Moyé, Hunter Moyé,  Kelly and Sam King.

The Bell Ringer

Short film by Allan and Hunter (with friends) for the Film Racing competition.  Andy does the music.