The Findells

penumbra 9 1/2

The Findells


You work and eat and go to sleep And it is all a day. The time you spend inside yourself It seems to wash away. You settle into cigarettes And pieces of white wine. You search the dial- it takes a while To find penumbra 9. So have a good day and I’ll see you tomorrow- Do you believe at all? Have a good day and I’ll see you tomorrow, She says with a smile. She’s faking a mile. It’s raining like forever And the tinsel in your town Is running like mascara- there’s a panic going down. The millionaires have buttoned up Their mansions for the show. The merchants weep as they sit beside their radios.  I listen to the ambulance that is you.  I stare into the darkness, feeling like a map. Estragon and Vladimir are waiting on Godot. The tv preacher packs his bags and says he’s gotta go. The violinist scratches out a song unrecognized. The cashier rings the final note and kindly blinks her eye.