The Findells


The Findells


Ruby’s packed, she’s ready to go. She found salvation on a late night show. She signed the check. She licked the stamp And ordered tickets to the boneyard. A foolish man builds his house in the sand. A foolish woman comes and takes him by the hand. Land a job, choose a steeple Make reservations for the boneyard. Georgie Porgy, Pudding and Pie Knows how to make all the young girls cry. Their sons and lovers, they kiss goodbye. An invitation to the boneyard. Face to face the young men stand. Blind duty in a foreign land Fire in the sky, blood in the sand. Another white cross in the boneyard. Another soldier lost to the boneyard. Lewellyn Swift, he’s never been kissed. They tell him he don’t know what he’s missed. They say he must need a psychiatrist To make a place in the boneyard. He’s not welcome in the boneyard. Politician, slick suit. People move when he blow his flute. Black gold, lot’s of loot. It won’t keep him from the boneyard. He’ll be heading to the boneyard.